Fight for your race! 

It looks like there will be a lot of ¬†elf blood spilled to claim their best in race prize. Yeah that’s right you can win a best in race prize at the brawl. COME CLAIM YOURS!  

Last week! 

Hi, One week left to get your army list and/or payment int for the brawl! deadline = january 31st. Your registration is final when both are in.

Some stats 

We’re very pleased that we have 31 subscriptions so far! At the moment, this is the army spread for the Brawl: Tomb kings: 1 Chaos Warriors: 6 Empire: 2 Orcs & goblins: 2 Lizardmen: 2 Skaven: 3 Ogres: 1 Vampire Counts: 1 High Elves: 3 Dark Elves: 5 Bretonnia: 1 Wood Elves: 1 Dwarfs: 1 […]

Date confirmed! 

Finally you can add Big Berserker Brawl to your calendar.
Saturday 15th of February that is.

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