Results & Deathmatch 

The first Big Berserker Brawl has come to an end. We had a great time, and we sure hope you did too. We’ve learned much and we’ll try to improve next year. Consult the results over at our downloads section. We still need to add the results to T3 and we’ll post a “How it […]

Brawl update + FAQ 

Brawl update We’re totally prepared for the Brawl. We’ve had our team meeting last weekend, and we’re preparing the army list summary, the player pack and the prizes as we speak. If you’re planning to come out, half of the lists are in already so don’t put it off for too long. Check out some […]

Big Berserker Brawl promo 

Get rad! Check out this promo.

Deadline month 

Hi everyone. Don’t forget: January is deadline month for Big Berserker Brawl subscription! We’ll need your payment and your army list before the 31st of this month. Also, we’d like to remind you the seats are limited to 40. So the first 40 gamers to deliver us their payment and list are in. Make sure […]

The Dice Bag Lady 

Soooo, it’s official. One of the awards will be accompanied by a kick ass dice bag done for us by The Dice Bag Lady. Get your army shiny and ready, because you’ll want that bag!

Getting crowded 

We’re very happy to see there is some interest in the Brawl.

A little announcement, we added some things to the rulespack

Rulespack up 

The rulespack is up and ready. Read it, spread the word and sign up!

Element Games! 

We got Element Games on board to sponsor the Big Berserker Brawl. This is cool for us, but it’s probably even cooler for you, our visitor.

Rules Pack 

We’ve started working on the rules pack for the Brawl. It should be ready a few months before the start of the tournament.

Big Berserker Brawl is happening! 

There’s still much work to get done, but it’s decided. Team BERSERKER will be organising their own WHFB T3-ranking tournament.

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